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 A UFO and the Sky as a Magical Message Board Indicator!

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PostSubject: A UFO and the Sky as a Magical Message Board Indicator!   Wed Feb 04, 2015 4:49 pm

It was January 31, 2015 at around 7:30 pm eastern time while I was lying in bed contemplating moving out of the group home where I reside and looking out my bedroom window hoping to see something and thinking about closing my eyes when after about 5 min past I saw a dim circular light appear in the sky within the periphery view of my window and descend and then disappear by fading out. This action of moving down indicated that it was a bad idea to move out. And that the whole idea of moving out was a dim to begin with. So I consulted the psychic circle about this and it indicated that my situation is "near" and "far" reaching. That I should remain where I am and wait "other" I now know who this "other" person is.

I came up with a non electronic novelty idea to sell out there at Area 51. StarDust a non terrestrial board game or magical message board indicator. I have a special symbol to place on the Planchette which looks like a star a toy spinning top and a tornado all in one. I got this symbol from the symbol in the lines of the palm of my right hand.
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A UFO and the Sky as a Magical Message Board Indicator!
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